Learn more about WheelCoin

The web3 lifestyle app for mobility

WheelCoin refers to both the app and the Move2Earn (M2E) ecosystem that rewards users for making green mobility choices on a regular basis. WheelCoin is built on a decentralized mobility ecosystem. To learn more about WheelCoin and its token economy, check out our Whitepaper. And, if your thirst for knowledge persists, you can always reach our to our team here.

Data Collection and Security

WheelCoin automatically measures your movement data and detects which mode you were traveling on at the time. Our powerful technology then calculates the emissions saved on each journey compared to single occupancy car usage to reward you with WheelCoin. Patterns on your travel by mode and your carbon footprint are also identified. You decide when and for how long the App records your trips data. You are free to start, interrupt, or end the recording at any time.

We use the best industry standards to securely store your data, with full information available in our privacy policy.

 If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach our team here.

Who’s behind WheelCoin

WheelCoin is powered by Iomob – the Internet of Mobility, where any mobility service can be accessed through any app or website, anywhere in the world. Iomob’s industry leading technology is being used by rail operators, airlines, and travel apps globally to power seamless multimodal experiences. With WheelCoin, we are delivering our most revolutionary solution yet.