Walking the Walk: Vanagon Ventures join WheelCoin for Business

Mar 9, 2023

Talk about walking the walk. Vanagon Ventures are the first ClimateTech ReFi fund to join WheelCoin for Business.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. It is essential that businesses play their part in reducing their impact on the environment.

Vanagon Ventures, as the first ClimateTech #ReFi fund to embrace digital tracking and reporting of their own travel emissions by leveraging WheelCoin, is leading the way.

By using WheelCoin for Business, Vanagon Ventures can easily collect Scope 3 Category 6/7 data. This data can then be imported into their carbon accounting software, which allows them to track their progress towards net-zero emissions, set science-based sustainability targets, and reward employees and partners for playing their part in reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Vanagon Ventures can measure against these targets by carrying out monthly, quarterly, or annual comparisons of their progress to net zero and hence make data-driven decisions to reduce their impact on the environment.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what General Partner Sandro Stark has to say:

Moreover, the benefits of digital tracking and reporting extend beyond just individual companies. By encouraging other leading Climate funds to adopt WheelCoin and similar tools, Vanagon Ventures is helping to establish a new industry standard for transparent and accurate reporting of travel emissions data. The adoption of digital tracking and reporting tools by Vanagon Ventures and other leading Climate funds has the potential to create a ripple effect, which can drive change throughout the business world.

Further, one of the most significant sources of carbon emissions for companies is employee travel, accounting for up to 50% of a company’s carbon footprint. Historically, the data used to benchmark these emissions and measure carbon reduction travel initiatives has been anecdotal and lacks detail, frequency, and accuracy. However, by using digital tracking tools such as WheelCoin, businesses can accurately track the carbon emissions associated with their employees’ travel, whether it’s by car, train, or bike. This allows companies to identify the most carbon-intensive modes of transport and develop strategies to reduce their impact on the environment.

As climate change becomes an increasingly important issue for consumers and investors, adopting digital tracking and reporting tools is essential for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive.

Therefore, digital tracking tools such as WheelCoin, businesses can gain a more accurate and detailed understanding of their commuting and business travel emissions. This approach enables them to make informed decisions to reduce their impact on the environment.

Thus, with the potential to create a ripple effect throughout the business world, it is time for more companies to take meaningful action to tackle climate change. By doing so, they not only help to safeguard the planet for future generations, but also position themselves as leaders in the transition to a more sustainable future. 

Team WheelCoin

Team WheelCoin

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