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Measuring and reducing carbon emissions from business and commuting travel, one trip at a time. 

Why are travel emissions important?

Up to 50%

of a company’s carbon emissions can be from
employee travel.

Current data capture approaches – such as conducting surveys – lack detail, are costly to run, and require manual processing to calculate emissions.

In this digital age, they are not fit for purpose, especially as we move to science based targets and initiatives.

Given the climate emergency, do you believe we should do better?
We do too.

Meet WheelCoin

The best way to accurately measure commuting and business travel emissions, allowing you to commit to science-based targets, while simultaneously incentivizing your employees to travel green.

All through one simple free app.
Accurate business and commuting travel emissions data capture

As employees travel, the WheelCoin app automatically identifies the mode, distance travelled and calculates the carbon emissions.

This data can be used to accurately and easily report on your travel emissions, automatically distinguishing between the scope 3, 6 & 7 categories of commuting and business travel.

The data can be easily imported into your carbon emissions reporting platform or accessed via our online dashboard.

Incentivise employees greener travel choices

The WheelCoin app reduces carbon emissions from business & commuting travel by providing employees with an incentive to use more sustainable and active mobility.

Employees automatically earn WheelCoin tokens whenever they use greener mobility such as rail, public transport, walking and cycling. These tokens can then be redeemed against exclusive mobility offers from major and local mobility suppliers.

It’s similar to air miles, but better for the planet.

Why not try it out for yourself?

Download the free WheelCoin app today to discover the rich dataset that could help you reach your carbon zero goals.



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