WheelCoin for Cities

Promote Sustainable Transportation and Unlock Your City’s Travel Data 

Welcome to WheelCoin for Cities, a unique tool for your city or region to drive the use of sustainable mobility and unlock valuable transportation data. 

WheelCoin is a mobile app that identifies users’ movements and rewards users whenever they move sustainably. Unlock your city’s data with WheelCoin with access to the app’s anonymized multi-modal journey data which will enable you to analyze user behavior and preferences in order to identify areas of improvement in your transport infrastructure.

Why choose WheelCoin for Cities?

Access valuable door to door transportation data for your city or region 

Analyze user behavior and preferences to make data-driven decisions

Promote sustainable transportation to your residents with WheelCoin

Identify areas of improvement in your own mobility infrastructure

Easy to use and seamlessly integrate into your existing mobility strategies

Be part of a select group of cities and promote your commitment to sustainable mobility at global forums.

We’re looking for cities that are committed to promoting sustainable transportation. 

Why not try it out for yourself?

Download the free WheelCoin app today to discover the rich dataset that could help you reach your carbon zero goals.



Thank you for your commitment to sustainability, we look forward to working with you to create a more sustainable and accessible future for your citizens.