Moving Rewards.

A better you,

a better tomorrow.

WheelCoin is a free app that rewards you for traveling more sustainably.

Earn WheelCoin as you go – walking, cycling, public transit, and rail travel are all detected and rewarded!

Earn WheelCoin as you go – walking, cycling, public transit, and rail travel are all detected and rewarded!

Are you a green mobility champion?

Join the first WheelCoin Green Mobility Challenge

Reduce the most emissions from moving green between February 15th – April 15th and be elegible to win a free electric scooter or one month of free public transport of your preferred city.

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How to earn

It’s rewarding to move.

WheelCoin is the app that automatically identifies your sustainable travel and rewards you for CO2 saved.

You earn 1 WheelCoin
per kilogram of

CO2 saved

Power up

Power up your earning potential with NFT in-game assets.

Acquire digital collectibles with your WheelCoin that can raise your daily earning cap and accelerate WheelCoin earnings across one or more modes.


Sustainable trips that have earned WheelCoin

How to spend


1. WheelCoin can be spent on exclusive mobility offers, such as free micromobility minutes, discounted electric taxi rides, and discounted electric car, bike, and scooter subscriptions.

2. Use your WHL to acquire digital collectibles, such as train stops from around the world and green vehicle NFTs which increase your daily WheelCoin earnings.

Coming soon, WheelCoin can be spent on sustainable mobility services, traded, or donated to sustainable causes.

The choice is yours.

WheelCoin Values

We’re passionate about sustainable travel. It’s not where you go, it’s how you get there that’s important.

WheelCoin is committed to 100% data privacy and will never share your personal location data with anyone, ever.

Download the App

WheelCoin is a free app which rewards you for what you’re already doing, moving. What are you waiting for?

Download the app
and start earning.


Ambassador Program

Join our mission to make traveling green the obvious choice, and get rewarded with exclusive perks.

By becoming a WheelCoin ambassador you are helping pave the way to a low carbon future. Encourage friends and family to download the app and start earning WheelCoin – its Free2Play and free to earn.